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We are still in the midst of our screening tour of To Err Is Human and the impact is truly inspiring. Hospitals have reported back to us that clinicians are actively changing their approach after seeing our film. Universities are asking for the film to be included as required viewing for all students. Many screenings have spawned other screenings from the enthusiasm of attendees once they return to their own organizations. But most importantly, the conversations about patient safety are happening. There is still a lot of work to do to put patient safety back on the national radar, but if we can at least get those in medicine who see the film to become re-energized in their efforts to deliver quality health care, we will have made a difference.

Since our last update in early September, we’ve added more screenings, including 4 in Canada and 1 in the UK. Many more are developing for 2019 and we’ll be sure to share those with you in December. For now, stay tuned to our website for updated listings of where to see To Err Is Human.

If we are coming to your city, or you know somebody who might like to attend, please let us know!! Not all of these events will have a place to RSVP, so it may be necessary to go through us directly to reserve a seat.


For a while we hoped our film would be released to the general public in November or December. While we can’t announce a release date yet, we can unofficially say that it won’t be too far from our original expectation. The good news here is that it gives us more time to create a plan for how to engage the public and put the tools in place for it to succeed. The more screenings we hold, the more support we can leverage for that important release window.

The release date isn’t tied to anything specific, and we chose our distributor because of their established reputation within the film industry and track record of releasing great films. When the film becomes available for Pre-Order, we’ll let everybody know so we can all get to work in getting the word out!


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share the film’s website and trailer with your friends and colleagues to help get the word out. Films like ours are only as successful as the efforts of those who share it. If we want to make a significant impact on patient safety efforts, we’ll all need to work together to make this film a talking point for all Americans. There are many people working tremendously hard on these issues, and we hopeTo Err Is Humanwill shed light on these efforts. If you want to see patient safety back on the map, please let people know about this documentary.


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