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Introduction: Americans over the age of 65, represent a rapidly growing sector of the population. It is estimated that their numbers will double by 2030 and represent approximately 20% of the overall population ( Older adults today are a more diverse group and live longer even with multiple chronic diseases. These factors present numerous challenges in the delivery of healthcare and involve collaboration between patients, families, healthcare providers, researchers, communities, and policy makers.

Older adults receive healthcare in a variety of settings including their homes, adult day care, outpatient clinics, acute care settings, and long term care facilities such as assisted living (AL) and nursing homes (NH). Nurses are at the forefront of care. Educators need to ensure that nurses have the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for and participate in initiatives that support quality and safety within our healthcare system in order to meet the needs of our nation’s older adults. With proper education and support, nurses can play a key role improving the culture of care to ensure quality, cost-effective care for our nation’s growing older adult population.

Intended users: This web page is intended for nursing educators, administrators, researchers, students, and nursing providers.

Purpose: The purpose of this page is to provide the user with the knowledge and resources needed to support initiatives in their work setting or community that aims at improving the quality and safety of care for older adults. Information on this page is not meant to be all inclusive, rather it provides a good starting point for users quest of quality and safety in geriatric nursing.

Geriatric Sections

Nurses lead Innovations in Geriatrics and Gerontology (July 11, 2014) Read the article at:

Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence Recruit Faculty and Students Needed to Enhance

The Care of Older Adults. (Posted October 23, 2013)

Healthcare Providers with Geriatric Training in Demand (Mar 13, 2012) Read blog post at:


Improving the Care of Long-Term Care Facility Residents with Infections. This free course is intended for nursing staff and emphasizes antimicrobial stewardship. Click this link to enroll: earn 3.0 Nursing Contact Hours (free), please complete the pre-course survey, the 6 modules and the post-course survey. If you know of other people who might be interested in the course, please feel free to forward this email. They may sign up using the same link above.

Here is a link to check the software requirements for CourseSites, which hosts the course.

Please email with questions.

The Chiang Mai University Faculty of Nursing is offering a free massive open online course (MOOC) on “Healthy Aging in Thai Society.” This self-paced course is taught in 5 sessions from 10 Nov – 5 December 2020 and is free of charge and open to anyone. Each lecture is available as a video which can be viewed online.

Additional Resources:

Visit the resources on Geriatric Care sponsored by the VA

Visit these pages for information on Age-Friendly Health Systems

HelpGuide created this Fall Risk Facts & Statistics article which:

  • Presents critical statistics about falls among older adults, including prevalence and risk factors

  • Where falls are most likely to happen in regards to setting and geography

  • And most importantly, steps to take to prevent falls from happening

  • Additionally, they provide easy-to-read infographics to ensure the information is accessible for anyone to quickly reference.


Sharing Information: Additional resources and suggestions are always welcome and can be submitted to


We would like to acknowledge the PETERs Foundation for their generous support for the development of QSEN’s geriatrics resource.


Age-Friendly Health System 4Ms on NBC (Open in Chrome & Unmute the video on Website)


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