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ENRICH Program

Enhancing Nurse Roles In Community Health (ENRICH): Undergraduate and Workforce Training and Education in Primary Care

ENRICH Director: Mary Dolansky, Student: Mino Chough, Chester Nguyen, Paula Ryu, and Dori Nurzynski

Enhancing Career Horizons

The CWRU School of Nursing ENRICH Fellowship provides an opportunity for pre-licensure nursing students to experience primary care services. During a paid work experience with inter professional primary care staff/mentors, students explore future career opportunities, and employers network with and mentor talented and highly skilled students, further developing the talent pipeline for primary care.

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ENRICH Fellowship Opportunities

Students with NURS 373 in the Summer Session will want to complete more hours at the beginning of their Fellowship. This decreases the Fellowship hours required during NURS 350, 352, 354 or 356 (Practicum).

Learning Opportunity

Specific Opportunities(suggested schedule for completing Fellowship hours)

Minimum Hours

COE1 Didactic Learner sessions

COE Sessions: Friday from 8a.m. to noon.See COE1 calendar for specific didactic session titles.Meet and interact with Learners from multiple disciplines: social workers, pharmacists, physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists.Consistent attendance will increase interactions and benefit you during NURS 373.Summer session NURS 373 try to complete hours by June (12 – 16 hours monthly).

​88 (8 hours/month)

QI2 team member

Join QI teams. First quarter team assignment is through the COE and may be part of Learner sessions. Then join a VAQS3 or WPPC4 RN led team. Participate in, and support completion of, QI project. Examples of support include database review for evidence, formatting poster.Summer session NURS 373 complete majority of hours prior to NURS 373.NOTE: QI teamwork as part of the COE Friday morning Learner sessions cannot be counted.QI team membership, and projects completed during NURS 373, do not count toward Fellowship hours.

​40 (4-5 hrs/month)

IHI5 learning modules

QI modules 1 through 5. 101: Introduction to Health Care Improvement.102: How to Improve with the Model for Improvement.103: Testing and Measuring Changes with PDSA Cycles.104: Interpreting Data: Run charts, control charts, and other measurement tools.105: Leading Quality Improvement.May complete additional modules to enhance experience.


TMS6 learning modules

VA7 assigned modules. Content specific to VA and part of on-boarding process.


CITI8 course

One module with multiple sections.Course name: Group 1. Biomedical Research Faculty, Staff, and Students – Basic CourseContains research history and ethics information.


Attend nursing and interdisciplinary meetings

At a Fellowship meeting, decide who will attend specific meetings.Rotate meetings.Attend at least two (2) other meetings the day you attend the Closing Session.Attend any eight (8) meetings and at least one Shared Governance Closing Session.Meeting opportunities include:Shared Governance (3rd Thursday)Research and Evidence-based Practice CouncilNurse Manager CouncilNursing Practice Council: Clinical Consult TeamWorkforce Development: Career Development CouncilProfessional Nursing Practice Council: Policy and ProcedurePatient Education CouncilAssistant Nurse Manager Sub-councilQuality and SafetyClosing Session: Nurse Leader Council (1.25 hours)Morbidity and Mortality (M&M)Root Cause Analysis


Evaluation Project

Review LiteratureConstruct tool: ex. essential elements of primary care visitUse tool during primary care clinic observationsCompile and analyze dataWrite article with intent to publish


Selected Primary Care Clinic Observation

At a Fellowship meeting, decide who will attend specific clinics.Rotate clinics.Complete at least three (3) primary care visit observations at each clinic site.Clinics include:CareMark9Asia clinic9 through MetroHealthMetroHealth9 with PA (HRSA grant)Otis Mott9NEON9CCF Willoughby


Field Experience

At a Fellowship meeting, decide who will attend specific sites and timing.Rotate sites.Attend each site at least once.Sites include:Magnolia House – immersionVA Domicillary – immersionAA meetings – observationHot Lunch sites – observation


Attend IHI conference or other conference

Poster PresentationAttend oral and poster presentations


​Fellowship meetings and Evaluation

Meeting with Fellowship colleaguesDecide meeting attendanceDiscuss experiencesReview accountability activities and Portfolio contentMeeting for individual evaluation



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