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Nurse Leadership and Management: Foundations for Effective Administration

Distinguished by its accomplished Editor and Contributor team, this innovative leadership and management text for graduate nursing students is unique in its focus on relationships, communications, and emotional intelligence at all stages of the nurse’s career. Filled with practical content demonstrating how leadership skills are a key component of management, the text examines specific nursing roles—nurse managers, leaders, and executives—while incorporating the most recent AACN, AONL, and ANA competencies. Case examples demonstrate leadership and management responsibilities in a variety of scenarios, and in-depth, comprehensive case studies at the end of the book address complex issues relating to content from the text. The contributors include a diverse and accomplished team of Nurse Leaders with experience in clinical, administrative, executive, and academic settings.

Chapters follow a structured format and address leadership, professionalism, relational leadership in practice, social determinants of health, telehealth, innovation, strategic planning, finance and budgeting, and governance. Student activities are included throughout the text, and case examples encourage students to assess their own skills and put learning into practice. Learning objectives and study questions in each chapter reinforce content and emphasize different competencies required for executives and managers. Role-playing exercises help facilitate effective relationship and communication skills, and Instructor resources provide learning activities and teaching strategies for molding future nurse leaders.


Key Features:

  • Contributor team includes top-level nurse leaders experienced in healthcare system administration

  • Underscores the importance of relationships and emotional intelligence in skillful nursing leadership and management

  • Demonstrates specific nursing roles and practical applications through abundant, high-quality case studies

  • Clearly distinguishes between different leadership competencies

  • Offers role-playing exercises to improve relationship and communication skills

  • Provides abundant instructor resources including PowerPoints and an Instructor’s Manual that includes learning activities and teaching strategies

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