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Nurse Educator Supplement: September/October 2017 - Volume 42

Nurse Educator introduces QSEN and Nursing Education Department

In the May/June 2018 issue, Nurse Educator introduced a new department focused on the integration of the QSEN Competencies into nursing education. The department, which will run several times a year, shares with readers practical applications of QSEN integration into nursing curricula.

QSEN Presentations at the NLN Summit September 12-14th, 2018

Results of the 2017 QSEN National Faculty Survey-Gerry Altmiller, EdD, APRN, ACNS-BC & Gail Artmstrong, PhD, DNP, ACNS-BC, CNE

Integrating QSEN Competencies into Student Learning: Teaching Strategies for Classroom and Clinical-Gerry Altmiller, EdD, APRN, ACNS-BC

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