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Zero Days in Safety: One Nurse's Journey into Trauma and Recovery

Announcing Dr. David Foley's book publication "Zero Days in Safety: One Nurse's Journey into Trauma and Recovery," with Foreword by Dr. Mary Dolansky, Director QSEN Institute.

In this book, Dr. Foley, a hospital administrator, nurse, and nurse educator, experienced a traumatic accident that threatened his well-engrained personal narrative of safety. This sudden and traumatic externalization of his locus of control caused a loss of independence and disturbing emotional upheaval. As a seasoned professional well-versed in hospital operations, compliance, and quality improvement, he in turn recalls in vivid detail his experiences in the emergency room's trauma bay, inpatient trauma unit, and outpatient therapy. Even as he lay in intractable pain, the author's Faith, knowledge of nursing theory, and awareness of the QSEN Competencies provided comfort and opportunities for continuous reflection. In tandem, the author, a male nurse, discusses his bumpy entrée into the profession of nursing and nursing education, ultimately celebrating the care he received from former students as well as a diverse group of established nurse professionals. The narrative provides ideal opportunities for thoughtful discussion among established nurses as well as occasions to promote learning among pre-licensure students and emerging nurse scholars on such varied topics as the nurse-patient relationship, therapeutic communication, and of course, the QSEN Competencies.

The Ebook and paperback are available now on Amazon. 

To order, click here.


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