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QSEN Newsletter: July 2022

Thank you so much for participating in 2022 QSEN International Forum.

We hope you all had an unforgettable, good time. I would like to announce the successful end to the 2022 QSEN International Forum: Aligning the New AACN Essentials and QSEN: The Future of Quality and Safety Competencies in Nursing Education and Practice.

This year’s QSEN International Forum was unique and included access to the content through mobile access. Despite the enormous challenges from the pandemic, the conference was successful and attendance exceeded our expectations. We are very proud of the commitment and efforts that went into making this conference possible.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this year’s conference. We wish you the best and please be safe and healthy.

AACN Essentials and QSEN Competency Crosswalks The 2022 QSEN Conference in Denver Colorado included two workshops on the AACN Essentials and QSEN Competency Crosswalks. The intent of the QSEN-AACN Crosswalks is to support faculty and practice educators who currently use the QSEN competencies to transition the QSEN work to the 2021 AACN Essentials. Educators can use the Crosswalks to facilitate the mapping of courses and curricula and the use of QSEN teaching strategies. Find the Prelicensure and Graduate Crosswalk tools at


Assessment of Competency-Based Education Conference attendees were inspired and enlightened by the presentations from medical colleagues and competency-based education experts, Dr. Robert Englander and Dr. Eric Holmboe who highlighted the Entrustable Professional Acts and the importance of learner engagement in competency assessment. Conference attendees can revisit the presentations using a link sent in a separate email.

Benefits of ALSN Membership

The Association for Leadership Science in Nursing (ALSN) serves as a network for advancing evidence-based leadership practice and educational policy/practice, developing national platforms, and distributing information about administrative and leadership education. Through membership in ALSN, you’ll expand your leadership network, have access to webinars and resources, and receive an annual subscription to The Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA). Learn more about the benefits of ALSN membership.

TeamSTEPPS® for Diagnosis Improvement Course Now Available

In honor of patient safety awareness week, The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released a new TeamSTEPPS® course to raise diagnostic safety awareness and help to improve communication and teamwork among all members of the care team. TeamSTEPPS® for Diagnosis Improvementis available for download on the AHRQ website and is composed of seven PowerPoint training modules, a facilitator guide, and participant workbook that are customizable to the needs of the local team.

Participate in a Study on Teaching Challenges in Prelicensure Nursing Education

Nurse educators at the University of Southern Maine invite academic nurse educators in prelicensure programs to participate in a mixed-methods research project titled Using Critical Incident Videos to Address Nursing Faculty Challenges of Teaching in Pre-Licensure Programs. Critical incident videos are short (less than 2 minutes), unresolved videos that reflect the complexities of teaching practice in the form of challenging interactions with nursing students and staff RNs. Learn more and participate:


QSEN July Newsletter


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