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Nurse Educator Supplement: September/October 2017 - Volume 42 - Supplement 1 5S

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Quality and Safety Education for Nurses: Looking Forward

G Altmiller, MA Dolansky - 2017

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Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Implementation: Is It Sustainable?

Is the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)initiative still advancing in prelicensure nur.

Integration of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Into Practice: Academic-Practice Partnership's Role

C Koffel, KG Burke, K McGuinn, RS Miltner - Nurse Educator, 2017

There is a trend to adopt the Quality and Safety Educationfor Nurses (QSEN) competencies into nursi.


The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) nationalinitiative, started in 2005, has support.

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Competencies in Doctor of Nursing Practice Education: Exemplars From Education and Practice

C Acton, S Farus-Brown, C Alexander, L Morrow… - Nurse Educator, 2017

Graduate level Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)competencies were created to facilitat.

MA Dolansky, J Schexnayder, PA Patrician, A Sales - Nurse Educator, 2017

Although quality and safety competencies were developedand disseminated nearly a decade ago by the.

E Mohn-Brown - Nurse Educator, 2017

Postclinical conferences are an essential component of clinicalnursing education. Numerous constrai.


Teaching nursing informatics to students in associate,baccalaureate, RN-BSN, and graduate nursing p.

Impact of Simulation-Enhanced Pharmacology Education in Prelicensure Nursing Education

Student and novice nurses are susceptible to committingmedication errors related to lack of experie.

Rapid Health Care Improvement Science Curriculum Integration Across Programs in a School of Nursing

BJ Oliver, M Potter, M Pomerleau, A Phillips… - Nurse Educator, 2017

This article describes the systematic efforts undertaken by a school of nursing in the Northeastern.

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