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Nurse Educator Supplement: September/October 2017 - Volume 42 - Supplement 1 5S

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Quality and Safety Education for Nurses: Looking Forward

G Altmiller, MA Dolansky - 2017

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Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Implementation: Is It Sustainable?

E Cooper - Nurse Educator, 2017

Is the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)initiative still advancing in prelicensure nur.

Integration of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Into Practice: Academic-Practice Partnership's Role

C Koffel, KG Burke, K McGuinn, RS Miltner - Nurse Educator, 2017

There is a trend to adopt the Quality and Safety Educationfor Nurses (QSEN) competencies into nursi.


2017 National Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Faculty Survey Results

G Altmiller, G Armstrong - Nurse Educator, 2017

The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) nationalinitiative, started in 2005, has support.

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Competencies in Doctor of Nursing Practice Education: Exemplars From Education and Practice

C Acton, S Farus-Brown, C Alexander, L Morrow… - Nurse Educator, 2017

Graduate level Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)competencies were created to facilitat.

Implementation Science: New Approaches to Integrating Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Competencies in Nursing Education

MA Dolansky, J Schexnayder, PA Patrician, A Sales - Nurse Educator, 2017

Although quality and safety competencies were developedand disseminated nearly a decade ago by the.

Implementing Quality and Safety Education for Nurses in Postclinical Conferences: Transforming the Design of Clinical Nursing Education

E Mohn-Brown - Nurse Educator, 2017

Postclinical conferences are an essential component of clinicalnursing education. Numerous constrai.


Teaching Informatics to Prelicensure, RN-to-BSN, and Graduate Level Students

B Vottero - Nurse Educator, 2017

Teaching nursing informatics to students in associate,baccalaureate, RN-BSN, and graduate nursing p.

Impact of Simulation-Enhanced Pharmacology Education in Prelicensure Nursing Education

JS Sanko, M Mckay - Nurse Educator, 2017

Student and novice nurses are susceptible to committingmedication errors related to lack of experie.

Rapid Health Care Improvement Science Curriculum Integration Across Programs in a School of Nursing

BJ Oliver, M Potter, M Pomerleau, A Phillips… - Nurse Educator, 2017

This article describes the systematic efforts undertaken by a school of nursing in the Northeastern.


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