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Introduction to Quality and Safety Education for Nurses, Second Edition

Springer Publishing Company released the recent title below:

Introduction to Quality and Safety Education for Nurses, Second Edition - Core Competencies for Nursing Leadership and Management

  1. Increased focus on leadership and management aspects of Quality and Safety

  2. Updated information from national and state healthcare and nursing organizations

  3. An evolving clinical case study for application of concepts throughout the text

  4. Additional patient care cases and real-life examples

  5. Interviews with a myriad of healthcare professionals, including educators, library scientists, lawyers, psychologists, risk managers, and many others

  6. Five new chapters addressing nurse leadership and management of high-quality care, legal and ethical aspects of quality and safety, delegating patient care and setting priorities, tools of quality improvement, and quality improvement project managementKey Features:

  7. Helps nursing schools to fulfill accreditation standards for quality and safety curricula

  8. Maps the QSEN competencies for knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) for each chapter

  9. Includes objectives, critical thinking exercises, case studies, interviews, NCLEX-style questions, photos, tables, suggested readings, and more in each chapter

  10. Provides instructor package with PowerPoint slides, Q&A, answers for case study and critical thinking exercises, and more

  11. Provides knowledge for Nursing Education QSEN-specific courses

  12. KSAs throughout chapters


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