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Strategy Submission

Rapid Improvement Strategies: Slide Presentation


Shirley M. Moore



Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Nursing



School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University


Competency Categories:

Quality Improvement

Learner Level(s):

Continuing Education, Graduate Students, New Graduates/Transition to Practice, Pre-Licensure ADN/Diploma, Pre-Licensure BSN, RN to BSN, Staff Development

Learner Setting(s):

Classroom, Clinical Setting

Strategy Type:

Online or Web-based Modules

Learning Objectives:

Describe the key focuses of rapid improvement strategies Compare traditional and rapid improvement strategies Apply rapid improvement strategies to an improvement initiative

Strategy Overview:

One of the criticisms of CQI is that it can take a long time to plan, test, and evaluate an improvement. Making fast changes lasting and pervasive, rapid improvement strategies speed things up without changing the nature of necessary improvement activities. These slides have been used to teach rapid improvement strategies in both small and large groups and in an electronic course on CQI. They have been used with professional audiences (health professionals engage in quality improvement, and with students learning quality improvement. The students have ranged from undergraduates to physicians and other professionals learning about process improvement. I usually have the group do an in-class on online exercise following these slides in which they redesign a current improvement project they are doing by applying the rapid improvement strategies, thus allowing them to experience the usefulness of these techniques to speed up the improvement process and learn the strategies.

Submitted Materials:

Additional Materials:

I would be happy to provide more information on the use of rapid improvement strategies and how to teach them. I am best reached at

Evaluation Description:

This class on rapid improvement strategies has been rated highly by students over the past 6 years. Most important is that they describe in their improvement projects how they applied the rapid improvement strategies. Our students are required not just to do an improvement project, they must show that they integrated rapid improvement strategies.
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