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Strategy Submission

Medication Administration Activity (Competency Assessment)


Terri Briggs



Sr. Assistant Professor



Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences - Southwest Baptist University


Competency Categories:

Patient-Centered Care, Safety

Learner Level(s):

Pre-Licensure ADN/Diploma

Learner Setting(s):

Skills or Simulation Laboratories

Strategy Type:

General Strategy

Learning Objectives:

Safely administer medications utilizing clinical reasoning and data assessment along with proper administration techniques.

Strategy Overview:

This medication activity presents the student with a SBAR report, VS, labs and a MAR with 3-4 medications listed. Students must evaluate client data and identify concerns for medication administration. Students must correctly calculate rate of medication administration and administer medications appropriately.

Submitted Materials:

Additional Materials:

I have included the directions for students, faculty, rubric for grading, and the medication activity which consists of 4 scenarios. This medication activity is utilized with 4th semester students in their final Nursing Interventions course.

Evaluation Description:

A goal for this activity was to get students to utilize the Learning Resource Center for skill practice on a more frequent basis. By attaching points to the activity, students are more eager to practice their skills which improves their competency level in the clinical environment. A grading rubric is provided for students and faculty. The students are given the rubric and directions on line prior to the activity. This is a 6 point activity for us. The activity is broken into clinical reasoning and psychomotor skill, with 3 points for reasoning and 3 points for the skill demonstration. The students get 3 points for correctly identifying medications that should be administered based on pt data, withholding meds when parameters are written into the order (eg- SBP below 100mm Hg hold the beta blocker) or identifying if the HCP needs to be contacted regarding medications due to safety concerns. The students receive 3 points for administering the medications utilizing the 7 rights within a 20 minute time frame.
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