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Strategy Submission

Integrating QSEN into Clinical Evaluation Tools


JoAnn Mulready-Shick



Undergraduate Nursing Program Director



University of Massachusetts- Boston


Competency Categories:

Evidence-Based Practice, Informatics, Patient-Centered Care, Quality Improvement, Safety, Teamwork and Collaboration

Learner Level(s):

Pre-Licensure ADN/Diploma, Pre-Licensure BSN

Learner Setting(s):

Clinical Setting

Strategy Type:

General Strategy

Learning Objectives:

This tool may be utilized to evaluate students in the clinical setting.  Examples for the first clinical experience and the final clinical experience are included.  This tool incorporates beginner level KSAs for all QSEN competencies for the first Clinical Evaluation Tool (#1 Freshmen Level)   and incorporates advanced level KSAs for all QSEN competencies for the second Clinical Evaluation Tool (#2 SEnior Level)

Strategy Overview:

These clinical evaluation tools were created from a number of sources. First, to enhance reliability and performance ratings, a variation of the rating scale as published by S.D. Holaday and K. M. Buckley, A Standardized Clinical Evaluation Toolkit: Improving Nursing Education and Practice, was employed. Second, the ANA Standards of Practice criteria for Professional Behaviors. Third, faculty determined the most relevant QSEN competencies to include in clinical evaluation. The tool was piloted in 2009 and minor modifications have been made subsequently based on faculty feedback.

Submitted Materials:

Additional Materials:

Evaluation Description:

Faculty inter-rater reliability has improved through faculty development sessions and use of role plays of different scenarios for rating clinical performance with each tool.   Additional tools for intermediate level courses are also available.
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