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Strategy Submission

Error Near Miss Event On-Line Discussion


Diane Rudolphi



Senior Medical Surgical Clinical Faculty



University of Delaware


Competency Categories:

Evidence-Based Practice, Quality Improvement, Safety

Learner Level(s):

Pre-Licensure BSN

Learner Setting(s):

Clinical Setting

Strategy Type:

Online or Web-based Modules

Learning Objectives:

The Students will: 1) analyze an error or near miss event that occurred in the clinical area utilizing clinical practice guidelines, best practice and evidence based practice to describe and support your position regarding this event. 2) respond to peer submissions regarding their clinical incident while providing evidence/research to support your submission response.

Strategy Overview:

Students complete this assignment using the discussion board found on their course site. This on-line format provides an excellent platform for students to interact, share and discuss clinical experiences. This particular assignment provides honesty, transparency and a just culture to error and near miss events (as well as reporting of these events). This is a critical step in preparing students for practice as new graduates. This assignment requires students to complete their initial discussion (part #1) using critical thinking and research to support their submission. They must then engage and reflect on their peer’s experiences in order to complete their response (part #2) of the assignment. In all submissions, students are expected to utilize clinical practice guidelines, institution policies and research to support their position. This assignment has been used in all clinical specialty areas within the senior preceptorship practicum. During these clinical experiences it is often difficult to schedule group discussion conference times due to challenging student schedules.

Submitted Materials:

Additional Materials:

Attached Assignment Instructions
Attached Grading Rubric

Evaluation Description:

The discussion Rubric provides students with clear guidelines of the grading process. The additional section is provided for faculty comments. Students enjoy the discussion board and appreciate learning more about their peer’s experiences. They appreciate the on-line format which allows them to make the best use of their time. Faculty have found the student assignments to be more meaningful, thoughtful with more of an EBP approach and higher levels of critical thinking as compared to traditional student group discussions.
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