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Strategy Submission

5 Minute Hand-off Report Rubric


Diane Rudolphi



Senior Instructor



University of Delaware


Competency Categories:

Evidence-Based Practice, Patient-Centered Care, Safety, Teamwork and Collaboration

Learner Level(s):

New Graduates/Transition to Practice, Pre-Licensure ADN/Diploma, Pre-Licensure BSN, RN to BSN

Learner Setting(s):

Clinical Setting

Strategy Type:

General Strategy

Learning Objectives:

Apply critical thinking and clinical judgement into the practice of professional nursing Demonstrate professional behaviors into the role of the nurse Apply research and best evidence into the care of patients Use verbal communication to complete an effective, clear and concise hand-off report

Strategy Overview:

New nurses (Del Bueno, 2005 and Kavanagh & Szweda, 2017) exhibit unsafe behaviors and a lack of critical thinking/clinical judgement that these researchers note can result in a "failure to rescue" the patient. In order to stimulate critical thinking, educators need to move away from low level questioning and memorization of material. Students completing hand-off report demonstrate high level learning and application. Using this 5 minute hand-off report rubric provides students with a guide along with clear, concise expectations regarding the grading process. This tool is an excellent 5 minute student assessment has a patient safety focus and demonstrates professionalism, application of evidence based care and critical thinking.

Submitted Materials:

Additional Materials:

Rubric Attached.

Evaluation Description:

The rubric provides students with a guide/evaluation (using a point system) of their handoff report. Using this rubric faculty and students can assess strengths and weaknesses.
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