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The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project addresses the challenge of preparing future nurses with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) necessary to continuously improve the quality and safety of the healthcare systems within which they work. This website is a central repository of information on the core QSEN competencies, KSAs, teaching strategies, and faculty development resources designed to best support this goal.

QSEN Initiatives

  1. Defined quality and safety competencies for nursing and proposed targets for the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be developed in nursing pre-licensure programs for each competency: patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics.

  2. Completed a national survey of baccalaureate program leaders and a state survey of associate degree educators to assess beliefs about the extent to which the competencies are included in current curricula, the level of satisfaction with student competency achievement, and the level of faculty expertise in teaching the competencies.

  3. Partnered with representatives of organizations that represent advanced practice nurses and drafted proposed knowledge, skills, and attitude targets for graduate education.

  4. Funded work with 15 pilot schools committed to active engagement in curricular change to incorporate quality and safety competencies.


The QSEN Institute is a collaborative of healthcare professionals focused on education, practice, and scholarship to improve the quality and safety of healthcare systems.


Our vision is to inspire healthcare professionals to put quality and safety as core values to guide their work.

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